Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Testy fest 2010

Testy Festival is a event that happens in Montana once a year to celebreate life love and cow balls, My buddies from Playng in Traffic were there and kind enough to get me into the show for the weekend. I could not resist the chance to photograph all the unsual faces, bands, and insanitly that would be part of this event.
Leaving the Flathead Valley Nanook and I stopped in Flathead Lake to swim for a bit then pulling into St Ignatious. I decided it would be a good idea to stop in and say a prayer and coffesions in advance for the sins that would follow in the weekend. 

As I arrived in Missoula took the first night to relax and have some drinks with old friends as tomarrow the insanity would begin.

As I walk in the testy fest I am greated by this and knew I was in the right place

Throughout the weekend there would be bands playing for my love of live music and rock I wanted to photograph as many as I could

There was Playing in Traffic

High Voltage

Dreaded Knuckles out of Seattle

Of course you have the all the charaters that one can see at a festival like this


 There was probably some of this going on somewhere at sometime

Lessons of the night

Drinking lots of drinking

In the wee hours of the morning the stripper pole was getting a good work out

sometimes everyone needs a little help
Saturday as the festivities came into full swing there was a wet tshirt contest

Both nights the DJ was rocking the house

the bands rocking and the dj playing lots of dancing going on
True love was all around
All and all the weekend was a blast met some great people took a lot of photos listen to some great music. If Montana can come up with a festival we so many people gather to have fun in such legendary porportions to celebrate the eating rocky mountian oysters than the rest of the states should fall and start eating some nuts.

Truly it is only made in Montana

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